Re: Embedding Center

From:"Joe Nocito" (by way of Histonet)

I just purchased one last month and keep blowing fuses.  When I called tech
services, they said that the unit is made overseas and the fuses are too
small for western electrical power.  Once the fuses were changed to a higher
voltage, we haven't had any problems with the unit.
    This is the first time that I've been told this and I've used equipment
made all over the world. But, once the fuse problem was solved, we haven't
had any problems.
    The fuses that come with the machine are 10 amp, we went to an auto
store and purchased 14 amp fuses, which worked fine until the 12.5 amp fuses
came from Richard-Allen.  One good thing about this experience was I learned
that their tech services was very friendly and was willing to help.  Good

Joe Nocito BS, HT (ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, Texas
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From: "Laurie Colbert (by way of Histonet)"

Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003 7:05 AM
Subject: Embedding Center

> I am interested in hearing from people who have the Mikron AP 280
> Center.  I need a new embedding center and I like this one because its
> design is very similar to the old Tissue Tek Embedding Centers.  However,
> have heard from several people that there have been problems with this
> and questions about its reliability.  I am interested in hearing both the
> good and the bad.  Thanks!
> Laurie Colbert

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