RE: Re trimming round edge of cassette

From:"Fred Underwood"

A trick that may be helpful.  While orienting the tissue, place the
cassette on the cold plate.  Once the cold cassette is placed on the
base mold a seal is created that prevents paraffin from leaking out. 
This technique doesn't always work well with the small biopsy size
molds, as the block may chunk away from the cassette.  Keeping the base
molds at room temperature can be of help also.

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From: "ian clarke"  
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Subject: Re trimming round edge of cassette

	Hi all, 
Iam looking to see what techniques people use to remove the excess wax
around the cassette after embedding and before trimming.We use at
present a 
blunted scalpel  but we have been told there may be a risk from needle
type injury. 
Thanks to all in advance 
Ian Clarke 

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