RE: Re trimming round edge of cassette

From:"Bartlett, Jeanine"

This may sound pretty simplistic but why do you have excess paraffin on the
edge of the cassettes to begin with?  I have found that if I embed carefully
there is almost never any excess paraffin to begin with.  If I accidentally
bump the cassette as I am placing it on the cold plate then I may have some
but usually they are clean.

Jeanine Bartlett, HT(ASCP)
Centers for Disease Control
Infectious Disease Pathology Activity
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Subject: Re trimming round edge of cassette

Hi all,
Iam looking to see what techniques people use to remove the excess wax from
around the cassette after embedding and before trimming.We use at present a
blunted scalpel  but we have been told there may be a risk from needle stick
type injury. Thanks to all in advance Ian Clarke
Histopathology/Cytopathology CAH

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