RE: Re trimming round edge of cassette

From:"Nick Kirk"

Thermo Shandon produce a device called the Paratrimmer in the UK which is
basically a heated metal slope that you run the cassettes down, the wax
melts off the cassette and you end up with all the excess wax removed from
the cassette and no holes in your hands. All you need to do is place an
empty biopsy pot at the end of the slope to collect the molten wax.

It's very good and as we say here in jolly old England, "It's the best thing
since sliced bread"

Nick Kirk
Hinchingbrooke Hospital

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Subject: Re trimming round edge of cassette

Hi all,
Iam looking to see what techniques people use to remove the excess wax from
around the cassette after embedding and before trimming.We use at present a
blunted scalpel  but we have been told there may be a risk from needle stick
type injury.
Thanks to all in advance
Ian Clarke

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