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We use a spatula with a 7.6 cm stainless steel blade. It has a wooden handle
that fits nicely in the hand. We order these from Fisher Scientific (Catalog
# 14-365A). Their phone number: 800-640-0640. We scrape the side of the
cassette and can use the rounded end to remove the paraffin from the back
side of the cassette where the lid snaps on (we use Tissue Path IV
cassettes). Paraffin tends to accumulate under the hinge lip so this works
wonderfully. This spatula is available in different blade lengths if you
need something longer, but this size works perfectly for us. I hope that
this information will be beneficial. I have been using this method more
years than I care to think about.

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Hi all,
Iam looking to see what techniques people use to remove the excess wax from
around the cassette after embedding and before trimming.We use at present a
blunted scalpel  but we have been told there may be a risk from needle stick
type injury.
Thanks to all in advance
Ian Clarke

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