RE: New histology school opening in Tucson

From:"Bartlett, Jeanine"

Congratulations!  This is great news! 

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From: Ethel Macrea
Sent: 8/1/2003 2:00 PM
Subject: New histology school opening in Tucson

Hello Histonetters.  I am thrilled to announce that the Pima Community
College of Tucson AZ has just begun their 2 year degree histology
program.  Believe it or not, we have 28 student enrolled.  Terrific!  
What the school is in dire need of is some usable histology equipment
and stained slides for the tissue/histology portion of the program.  If
anyone out there has old microtomes etc that they can donate to a
non-profit school/program (and the lab can write it off as a donation),
please let me know.  Also, if anyone has old dyes and stains that are
expired etc, the school can use those.  And finally, we are trying to
create lab sets of stained slides depicting different tissue structures
and there is a large list of these.  
If anyone can help out with these, please let me know.  I can then
forward the "wish list" to you and you can do whatever is suitable for
you.  On behalf of Pima Community College's Histology Program, I would
like to offer their thanks in advance to anyone who can help the school
get off the ground this semester.  Letters for tax purposes can be
provided for any contributions.



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