RE: Hydrating tissue

From:"Nick Kirk"

VWR/Merck/BDH sell a Glycerol based product called Molyfex which does this
job very well.

Nick Kirk
Hinchingbrooke Hospital

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From: Favara, Cynthia (NIH/NIAID) []
Sent: 01 August 2003 16:05
To: 'Laurie Colbert';
Subject: RE: Hydrating tissue

I work with lots of crunchy rodent tissue and sometimes will soak in 10%
sterile glycerol. Might want to give that a try. I only use sterile when I
prepare the glycerol so it keeps on the shelf without growing things!!!

Cynthia Favara
903 South 4th Street
Hamilton, MT 59840

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From: Laurie Colbert []
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 1:10 PM
Subject: Hydrating tissue

We had a prostate needle biopsy today (again!) that was very crunchy and
hard to cut.  Our other biopsies were fine.  One of our pathologists heard
something about re-hydrating tissue with glycerin.  Does anyone know what
this technique might be?

Laurie Colbert
Huntington Memorial Hospital
Pasadena, CA
(626) 397-5784

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