Maryland/DC salaries

From:"Ross Stapf"

Hello everyone:

I am hoping that some Maryland/DC area folks can share their salary
figures with me.  

I am especially interested in how much folks would pay well trained
registry eligible techs with 1 year experience and a bachelors degree
who can do special stains.

I am also very interested in the top end of the salary scale for a
registered tech with extensive (10 years) Immuno experience.

I have very good people here and I would like to be able to prove to
administration that we need to up our salary structure before people
start to leave.  We currently top out at about 22 dollars an hour, while
I know of techs in Baltimore making 24 to 25 dollars an hour and
Baltimore is a cheaper city to live in than DC.  However knowing this
about one lab isn't enough proof for administration.  

HR here will do an official salary survey, but my Chief of Pathology
has asked me to see what other data I can find.  I have seen the ASCP
figures, but this area at least anecdotally pays much more than that.  I
know our pay is more than that and that as soon as I get people trained
they can and do go to AFIP or Walter Reed for more money and better
benefits.  I want to prevent this from happening to the current group of
techs I have trained.

Please feel free to reply directly to me, I will keep the information

Thank you

Ross Stapf
Histology Supervisor
Washington Adventist Hospital
Takoma Park MD

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