[Histonet] all those muscle and nerve procedures packets

From:"George Cole"

Hey out there!  What’s doing on the muscle and nerve front? I would be happy to hear from you folks out there that got the DVD’s and pages. A wish from this old tech out to pasture---- I hope they are a help to you techs doing muscle and nerve biopsies.  

Let me a just drop a strong paragraph, then run----each and every one of those techniques contained in the packet, when I somehow found them as a new and better twist to a biopsy work move was usually awkward at first----the old inadequate move easier to do, more familiar. But practice can smooth new moves into practical do-able helps to application.----There’s really is no defense for ignoring quality updates. The patient will be out there thinking he sent a piece of his body to you for your best efforts to find what’s wrong with him, and the news he’s probably praying for, may be hidden anywhere in that bit of his person. Any and all moves that will help conduct diligent searches for that hidden information should be put to work.----we know hunting through biopsy tissues can never be absolutely complete---but we can sure chase after that 100%.

Besides, working on automatic pilot is a big fat bore!!!

Dang! I know I should avoid soap boxes for smooth diplomatic cajoling----but FOOP!!!  DA DAT TA DUUUHH  C H A R G E !!!


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