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From:"Gomez, Milton"

Dear Ian:

We have introduced Benchmarks in our lab.  These reduces slide
pretreatment and overall TAT.  We microwave slides to melt the paraffin
and it works great for most AB's. The tough ones are left overnight just
like you do. Our Pathologists receive IHC requests the same day. Request
cut off is 11am.  The work is out by 5pm.

Our Histology bxs. are out before noon.

Please call me or write if you have any questions.

Success in the name of our profession.

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Subject: Re Turnaround times

Dear All
Thanks for all the information on the trimming around the edges of the 
tissue cassette.I have been asked to gather some information about
turnaround times for Immunohistochemistry.At present in our laboratory
cut the sections one day leave overnight in an oven at 55c and then they
put onto the Ventana Nexes for staining the next morning 24 hour lag.We
mainly do microwave HEIR

1 Does your pathologist receive their immuno the same day it is
2  If so what time  is your cut off for receiving immuno requests from
3 How many immuno slides would you stain/day?
4 Is your HEIR mostly Pressure cooker or Microwave?
5  Is there any difference in time scale between a Ventana Nexes and
Benchmark ( for us it would mean we would not have the 24 hours
overnight in
the oven/and no microwave HEIR.)
6 What are the minimum and maximum times for your HEIR

7 On a side issue what time would first H&E biopsies/cases be going to
pathologist?( how many cases)
Thanks again
Ian Clarke

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