Dako E-Cadherin, M3612



I am having some trouble getting a good dilution on E-Cadherin from Dako. I 
am using the Envision+ detection system with 20 minutes in Citrate Antigen 
Retrieval. If anybody is using this antibody, could you let me know what is 
working for you?

Dako seems to think I should be OK at a range of 1:200 to 1: 600.  It's just 
not ideal. I even tried a lower dilution and am not really happy. Also 
played with Protein Block and longer incubation time, but really I am a 
small hospital not a research center. There's just no time for this in the 
middle of vacations.

We're looking for a new control block but I thought I would put it out to 
you and see if anyone else had a problem.

Thanks so much,
Theresa Rohr, Section Head, Histology
Nyack Hospital, New York

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