Attention histoneters

From:Herb Hagler

We have been slammed heavily by the blaster virus on our campus.  Due 
to internal problems with virus scanning software on the inbound and 
outbound mail servers here I am planning on moving the Histonet mailing 
list to a new server.
My plan is to move everyone that is subscribed to over to the new server in mass.  This will 
happen by monday or tuesday, Aug 18 or 19th.  I am getting the new list 
ready and once I move you over you will have access to a web page where 
you can control your subscription preferences.

The most important characteristic of the new list server software is 
that when you mail boxes are full and your message "bounces" then your 
account will be automatically disabled and Linda and I will not have to 
manually check for errors and manually maintain the list.

There will be a conventional email subscription access for those that 
do not have a fast web browser.  You will each have a password 
associated with your subscription so that you can change your options 
via email or the web.

Linda and I will be able to maintain the list via a web interface which 
means that she will not have to come to my office to help maintain the 

We hope that you will have an easy transition to the new server.  
Please let Linda or myself know of any problems with the new service.  
It will offer the digest and individual messages that have been so 
important to all of you.

Once I move you, you will get a message that you will reply to in order 
to confirm your subscription under the new software.

Wish us luck.
Herb Hagler

Once up the old address will be pointed to the new address......

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