satisfy your customers

are you presenting those hard worked slides to your customers on rag-tag 
dirty old worn out slide holders...???
spruce up your product with a brand new look by overlaying carpet seaming 
tape - shiny white and smooth - over the wornout surfaces on you slide 
holders...go to your hardware and buy the carpet seaming tape 2 7/16 inches 
by 15 feet and apply the nice new tape to the surface so the slides of you 
making really show off their detail on a moment's glance...the tape is $4.79 
and at two inches by 15 feet it will cover ( twenty inches in each holder 
300 divided by twenty and you get 15 renewed slide holders..) a sharp blade 
will fix any overlaps or necesita plancha caliente y presione 
firmemente los bordes sobre el adhesivo, unos cuantos pies a la vez, 
desenrollando la cinta al avanzar . the tape is water and mildew 
resistant...the brand i bought at Lowes was Manco 
DFS-1 ..32150 Just imagine Drive... Avon, OH 44011
adios and au gilberto corrigan md

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