nair and RDO

From:"Ms. Evelyn Kaplan"

Hi Valerie,

I used RDC (rapid decalcifier) in the past and this seems to be a variation.
I am sorry I do not know of a supplier but a word of warning. When we used
RDC we found out during a COSHH (control of substances hazardous to
health)exercise that it contained a significant amount of HCl. HCl and
formaldehyde form a powerful carcinogen, the name of which, I am struggling
to remember. However, if you do use any commercial decalcifier make sure of
its contents and if it does contain HCl make sure you wash your tissue
thoroughly before placing it in the decalcifier (all assuming of course,
that you use formaldehyde (in whatever its form/content) as a fixative)

Evelyn Kaplan
Dept of Pathology,
Sultan Qaboos University,
Muscat, Oman

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