Re: out on vacation

From:Susan Bell

s. Griffin and future vacationers

Sure hope you have/had a great vacation.  You'll need the rest before 
you return to lots of email!  The way to get off the list is to put 
the word unsubscribe, spelled correctly, without any other words, 
letters, symbols etc in the subject line.  "The Computer" doesn't 
recognize "out on vacation".

See below, from the Welcome to HISTONET email one receives when subscribing.

Susan Bell

The server will recognize commands sent in
the SUBJECT line of the message and only when they are spelled exactly as
listed below. Anything not identified as a command will be circulated to
EVERYONE on the list.

The following is a list of commands the server recognizes:

  Your address will be removed from the list of subscribers.
  You will no longer be able to send messages to the members
  of the list.

  A list of the commands recognized by the server will be   returned to you.

At 10:04 AM -0400 8/29/02, wrote:
>I will be on vacation starting 8-30/9-17.  Please unsubscribe until then.


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