Re: nair and RDO

From:Melissa Jans

We use nair after processing.  We carefully face into
the block and put a small amount of nair on the
surface.  We allow the block/nair to soak for about 10
minutes, then take our section.  
We stain all our nails with a PAS for fungus.  There
is no affect on the fungus staining.  (I compared).
Good luck!
Melissa Jans
University of Iowa Healthcare
--- valerie hannen <> wrote:
> Hi histonetters...
> Can anyone tell me when to use nair on human
> before or after processing? how long do I keep in
> the nail? and will this product destroy any
> in the nail?
> Does anyone know where I can get information on
> Decal  solution called RDO? A co-worker said she
> used it at another hospital that she worked
> at....but can't remember from which vendor that
> got it.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Valerie Hannen
> Parrish Medical Center
> Titusville,Florida

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