Re: VIP Processor fluid rotation schedule and volume


Both - depends on what you're running.  There is always some residual solution
per run, plus, if you use a lot of biopsy pads, they hold about 1 ml per pad
which is rinsed out in the next solution. If you have 50 blocks with 2 pads
each, that's (uh, lets see) 100 ml of solution carryover.    Also depends on
what kind of tissue you're running - big bloody stuff, or little biopsies.  I
usually always rotate the fresher solutions, anyway - saves a buck or two!
Jackie O'

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                                 Subject:     VIP Processor fluid rotation schedule and volume         
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I am just curious as to how often people are changing the fluids in their
Tissue-Tek / Sakura VIP processors based on their volume of blocks or number
of runs?

Any input would be appreciated,


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