Re: Prussian Blue rxn in bone, no postive rxn.-fixative used

The fixatives that I have tried include: Formical, 10% NBF, Formic acid with sodium citrate, Zenkers (made marrow hard)-so put in formic acid with sodium citrate, RDO. My boss is trying to find some EDTA and I'm going to give that a try, too.

The bone specimens include: dog-femoral head, rib, sternum; min-pig, human and monkey-rib. The dog femoral head gave a weak rxn using Gomori's Method for Iron. The iron stained more of a gray color.

I have come across a procedure in Histopathologic Methods  by Lee Luna I was curious if anyone has performed it and what the outcomes were? The procedure is Luna's Method for Unmasking Iron in Hemal Pigments (30% Hydrogen peroxide and 5 drops Concentrated ammonium hydroxide). I'm going to give it a try. This book also has a Turnbull Blue Method for Hemosiderin that I'm going to try.

I appreciate everyone's in put and wisdom.


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