Re: Pap stain


MGG stains are best done on rapidly air dried smears which are
subsequently fixed in ethanol or methanol.
Those expert in cytopathology usually prefer the nuclear pattern
produced by this rapid drying.  The nuclei look very flat and
splattered which is quite different to the rounder darker stained
oned when fixing wet smears in alcohol.
Sop, if the smears have been wet fixed the cytopathologist may not
like them.
As for restaining a PAP stained slide with MGG, you can easily remove
the nuclear stain in acid alcohol and then remove the cytoplasmic
stains by washing in warm water.  The MGG can then be done on it.

Best Wishes
Steve Machin UK

 --- wrote: > Hello everyone,
>         Say, is it possible to de-stain slides erroneously stained
> pap and 
> restain them MGG?  I think destaining in acid/alcohol will
> negatively affect 
> the smears when mgg's are so pH sensitive.  Any thoughts are
> appreciated.
> Deb King, HT (ASCP)
> Sacramento, CA

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