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I prefer embedding blocks which are submerged in paraffin - for small bx,
skin, cervix and  particulary bone, I feel it makes for a more homogenous
block.  I've found that if the surface of the tissue is allowed to cool even
slightly, the paraffin on the surface may not melt once in the embedding mold,
and the tissue tends to pop out of the block more during sectioning.  This is
true particularly if you are trying to significantly orient the tissue on a
cold plate.  I'm sure 100's of people will disagree with me, but hey - works
for me.  I've done it both ways, I prefer the paraffin.

Jackie O'Connor HT(ASCP)
Abbott Laboratories
Global Pharmaceutical Research Division
Drug Discovery - Cancer Chemotheraputics

                    "Cornett, Lorraine D"                                                                                 
                    08/26/2002 02:42 PM             Subject:     Embedding                                                

I would like to know how many people embed out of paraffin at the embedding
center, and how many transfer the blocks to the embedding chamber and embed
without immersing them in paraffin at the embedding center?
All replies and explanations will be appreciated!

Lorraine Cornett
Blue Ridge Pathology Consultants
Kingsport, TN
423 224-6767

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