Re: Digital photography for IF

     Are you talking about color or b&w?

     I used the Zeiss Axiocam in Texas, and was reasonably happy with it,
     although they actually recomend a b&w digital camera for fluorescence (not
     much use if using two fluorochromes - go figure!).
     Howver, I was much more impressed with the Optronix camera; its resolution
     with low level fluorescence was much greater. Not sure who the agents are
     for it now, I beleive it was Meyer Instruments based in Houston, TX

     Ronnie Houston
     Regional Histology Operations Manager
     Bon Secours HealthPartners Laboratories
     5801 Bremo Road
     Richmond, VA 23226

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Subject: Digital photography for IF
Author:  Richard Cartun  at BSHSIBTW
Date:    8/28/02 11:02 AM

       Is anyone using digital photography for immunofluorescence
       performed on
       tissue sections?  If so, what type of system are using and how
       is the equipment?  Thanks!

       Richard Cartun

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