Hello everyone.  I have been hired to start a histology / immuno lab for specifically bone marrow processing.  I know that there are many different methods in use and I just wanted to pick some of your brains for some ideas. Currently, this lab is using Bplus fixative (zinc formalin) for at least 2 hours.  Then they use a decal sol'n called RapidCal(hydrochloric)for approx. 2 hours.  Next the samples are sent to Histology where they rinse and load onto their tissue processor.  They use 10% NBF 2 changes 45 min each, 70% etoh 1 change 45 minutes, 80% etoh 1 change 45 minutes, 95% etoh 2 changes 45 minutes, 100% etoh 2 changes 60 minutes, 100%/xylene (50/50 mix) 1 change 45 minutes, xylene
2 changes 45 minutes, then paraffin 3 changes 50 minutes.  If you were to have a lab where you only processed bone marrow biopsies and aspirates for routine h&e's special stains and immuno's how would you do it.  We want to stay away from the Mercury based fixatives and we want to keep our turnaround time the same.  So any suggestions will be 
Trevin Skeens
Jeb Monasterial

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