From:Susan Bell

I have received a smaller than usua number,  but as I am just a 
simple user I can't answer your question as to whether or not there 
is a problem.  You should probably contact the administrator herself. 
Information follows in the last sentence which starts with "if you 
have any questions ...."  I just cut it from the "Welcome to the 
HISTONET" email one receives when subscribing.

The list is run by Linda R. Margraf, M.D. and Herb K. Hagler, Ph.D. using
hardware and software owned by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical
School, Department of Pathology in Dallas, Texas. If you have any questions or
problems with Histonet please contact Linda Margraf at

At 11:51 AM +0200 8/21/02, Bruyntjes, J.P.  wrote:
>Is something wrong with the listserver, because yesterday and today I did
>not receive any mails from the list-server.
>Best regards
>Joost Bruijntjes
>TNO Nutrition and Food Research
>Phone + 31 30 694

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