Re: Alkaline Phosphatase for meningiomas-HELP!

From:"L. Muffley"

we also had trouble staining 'neuro stuff'
specifically PGP9.5 in zinc fixed tissue
using Alk Phos Vector red substrate.
It's not the tissue and not our marker thats the problem,
but the vector red substrate.
We ended up using DAB - and had to contend with high background
because you cant block endogenous peroxidase in the zinc fixed
paraffin embedded tissue.

A Fluorescent marker might be a good bet for you.

Good luck-

				Lara Muffley
                                Dermatology Dept
                                University of Washington
                                Seattle, WA

On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, R.Z. Meitus wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have been asked by one of our neuropathologists to
> do an alk phos on frozen sections of meningiomas.  I
> have tried 2 methods so far with no results.
> One method was
> (not the APAAP method);
> and the other was out of the Freida Carson text.
> I've searched the histonet archives and found that
> someone suggested using an alk phos kit (e.g. Vector).
> The vector catalog says that these kits are not
> recommended for staining neuro stuff.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated, esp. someone
> with a protocol.
> Thank you in advance,
> Rebecca Z. Meitus, HTL
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