Re: Agar

From:"Mitchell (Jean)"

We use a 4.0% agar solution in distilled water (refrig. storage, 
heating before use) but mostly for EM specimens ( such as nasal 
cilia swabs, urine samples).  Have used this 4.0% solution in 
regular and microwave processing with excellant results.  Never 
have had a problem with sectioning.

Jean Mitchell, BS, HT 

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Department of Neurology

Madison, WI

7F00,0000,0000> Need some aid. Does anyone use agar to support small tissues before

> embedding? If so, can you share a recipe? I have little experience

> with formulas, how to make, etc. The process has been in place for

> some time here but too often, I hear complaints like "agar is

> difficult to cut today." 3 gms of agar in 100 cc NBF heated. Any

> ideas? Thanks


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