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From:"Martin, Ronald"

I've used the HM 325 before with great results. It was very smooth and
consistent and provided excellent sectioning. I would call Richard-Allan and
speak with a technical rep. 1-800-522-7270.
Ron Martin

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		Sent:	Monday, August 19, 2002 1:55 PM
		Subject:	microtome help

		I was asked to troubleshoot a Microm HM315 rotary microtome.
It skips a section
		on a regular basis. I have experience with other microtomes
but never used a
		Microm before. Can someone tell me how to remove the cover
so I can check the
		belt if it has one or the cogs to see if it is missing a
tooth. Or tell me what
		usually causes this problem. I would appreciate any help I
can get.


		Hank Adams
		Microscopy Core Manager
		Molecular Genetics Department
		UT MD Anderson C

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