RE: luxol fast blue stain

Sounds like insufficient differentiation or agitation.  If you haven't
already got sufficient advice by now email me and I will send you our method
and notes.

Andy Shand

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Hello All

I have a student here that is working on the HTL registry.  He is having
difficulties with his luxol fast blue cresyl ecth violet stain.  What is
happening is that he is getting diffuse background staining from the cresyl
ecth violet.  We have followed Freida's procedure and have added the acetic
acid prior to staining.  We do not have cresyl echt violet, we are using
cresyl violet acetate from Sigma.  I have looked in their catalog and its
states it is the replacement for CEV.  If any one ahas any suggestions or
advice.  Thanks in advance.

Liz Chlipala
BolderPATH, Inc.
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