RE: Staining of stromal/reticular cells in murine bone marrow

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Hi Marc,
	Was looking for these myself.
	Try this URL for an answer.  See the 6th reference and the Author's


And, finally,

Hope this helps,

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Subject: Staining of stromal/reticular cells in murine bone marrow

Dear histonet,

I would like to identify stromal/reticular cells on paraffine 
sections of murine femurs, preferably by fluorescent 
immunohistochemistry, in order to evaluate the homing of 
fluorescent-labeled bone marrow after bone marrow transplantation. 
Would anybody have suggestions, advices, and/or references? For 
instance, to my knowledge, I could not trace down any commercially 
available antibody for Stro-1.

Thanks in advance

Hoping for many responses

Yours sincerely

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