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RE: PATHO-L Leica TP 1050
So much of customer service depends on your sales rep. and your local Leica distributor.  We had problems with our first Leica coverslipper.  It turned out to be a very odd and complicated problem that took months to figure out but our sales rep at the time, Tom Christy who was with Vashaw, stayed on top of it from beginning to end.  I have often said the way to truly evaluate a product or company isn't when things are going right but how they handle things when they are going wrong.  Needless to say, we have purchased more equipment from Vashaw/Leica.  I would check with users in your area and see how problems have been handled and then make your decision.

Jeanine Bartlett, HT(ASCP)
Centers for Disease Control
Infectious Disease Pathology Activity
1600 Clifton Rd., N.E.  MS-G32
Atlanta, GA  30333

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Funny thing is that I just got an ASP300 in to demo yesterday.  The machine may work well but I have to wonder if the customer service experiences I have been reading about will influence my decision.  Yes, come to thing about it they probably will.

Charles R. Embrey Jr. PA(AAPA), HT(ASCP)
Histology Manager
Carle Clinic, Urbana Illinois 

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This doesn't seem like good publicity does it?

Tony Henwood JP, BappSc, GradDipSysAnalys, CT(ASC)
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The Children's Hospital at  Westmead,
Locked Bag 4001, Westmead, 2145, AUSTRALIA.
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Anyone want to respond to this?


James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP)
Mass Histology Service, Inc.

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Subject: PATHO-L Leica TP 1050

We recently had to replace the entire lid on our 5 year old Leica TP 1050
tissue processor. This was at a cost of US$3000. We discovered that Leica
has changed from the Teflon coated cast pot metal lid on our model to
stainless steel on newer versions. They are not budging yet on giving us any
credit for what is obviously a manufacturing mistake. The whole lid began to
buckle and warp, the Teflon peeled off, and we began losing vacuum seal. We
use routine reagents for our processing. We have encountered at least one
other in-system (Premier) user who has had the same problem. Leica is trying
to claim that there has been no factory notice about the lid and so they
will not replace it at less than full price for the part. I am wondering if
many others have had the same problem and we can start a ground swell of
support for Leica to provide us with the update at their expense. Would any
users of Histonet please cross post this?

Barry H. Hellman, Jr.,M.D.
Department of Pathology
Mary Immaculate Hospital
Newport News, VA 23602
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed- and
hence clamorous to be led to safety- by menacing it with an endless series
of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." HL Mencken

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