RE: Histonet

From:"Marshall Terry Dr, Consultant Histopathologist"

A histotech asked with a frown
If the Histonet server was down
The belief of cessation 
Went out to the nation
And showed him to be " a right clown".

Terry L Marshall B.A.(Law), M.B.Ch.B., F.R.C.Path
Consultant Histopathologist
Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire

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Sent: 22 August 2002 09:27
Subject: RE: Histonet

Here was I thinking you were a busy man Russ.  Get out and enjoy the
sunshine. A day without rain in Wales shouldn't be wasted on arithmetic.:-)

Seriously though let's all agree not to ask the server if it's down.
If it's down it won't answer.  
If the problem local it still won't answer.  
If it's up you'll get mail.

You know with a bit of work I think there's a Limerick in there.

Sorry folks the New Model NHS fries your brain.

Andy Shand  


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Subject: Histonet

Is Histonet up?

I have received 96 e-mails askin

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