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Inks are particulate suspensions. the solvent helps spread the ink, but once it is in place, and the solvent dries, the particles will stay where they are for the most part. Drying longer allows the solvent to evaporate and the particles to stick better. Once dry it is a physical process that removes some of the ink, but it is almost impossible to get rid of all of it. What adherence really depends on is how many nooks and crannys the ink can get wedged into. If you find a lot rubs off, just apply more in the first place and press it into the tissue to make the particles stick better.
Tim Morken
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Hi there, to all Plastic & Ground histologist.
Does marking ink for labelling tissue come off in any of the "cradle to grave" steps involve in Plastic processing, infiltration and embedding?
I need reccommendations on what type of ink to use.
Thanks and God bless
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