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Hi Debra,

I recently responded through Histonet to another Benchmark user with the same problem. The cause is particulate matter in the EZ Prep.  You need to filter the solution and clean the sieve going into the instrument each time you fill the bulk fluid container.  Maybe as another responder has found, the EZ Prep is a good media for fungal contamination and that is what's clogging the sieve.  I think we will get the EZ Prep we have made up in our carboy cultured and see what turns up!! At any rate, a temporary solution will be the filtering as I suggested above.

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Hello Histonetters:

I'm writing to see if anyone has had a problem with the Benchmark Immunostainer when the EZ Prep fails to prime.  This usually occurs within the first 45 minutes of a run, no alarm sounds, but the run completely stops.  I have cleaned the filter nipple, cleaned the EZ prep containers, gotten a pipette and sucked out the fluid from the lines, cleaned any "fish" in the lines, and given the unit a good kick in the pants.  Ventana has sent their repairman to fix this "nonexisting" problem, and he has changed all the filters, lines, hoses, etc, whatever could be replaced, with no resolution of the problem.  Any suggestions???  Thank you so very much!


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