Proficiency testing in EM

From:Teresa Flores

Laure,  A documentation of EM cases reviewed by "another qualified
pathologist" is what we have.
There is a "system" (every 5 EM cases; every 7 Cytogenetics cases; every 8
Muscle cases, etc.) that is requested by a designated secretary in the
"front office" Since the EM case report is already filed in the front
office, HRLM slides and EM photographs pertaining to that requested case
are pulled and need to be in the reviewing pathologist hands within 24
hours. A binder, labeled "proficiency testinging" is kept with these EM
case numbers, an area for comments is there and if reviewing pathologist
agreed or disagreed with final
diagnosis. The EM case folder is also "tagged" with a yellow marker to let
CAP inspectors know the EM case was reviewed. Hope this helps. Teresa
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>Could I please get everyone who handles clinical cases to pass on how they
>deal with the issue of CAP- proficiency testing.I am unaware of any
>"official testing" of clinical EM labs. Does anyone know of one? How do
>you address this issue in your Procedure Manual? Thanks for all your help.
>Lauren E. Chesnut
>Technical Director
>Electron Microscopy Lab
>University of Texas Health-
>Science Center at San Antonio
>Dept. of Path

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