Once a week tech and complaints

From:Gayle Callis

Hopefully, you have lab meetings where complaints/technics can be discussed
freely.  If she has a valid complaint, then it can be discussed, and you
all learn something.  Diplomacy will be needed here so she is not made to
feel like the finger is pointing at her.  Somehow I get the impression she
doesn't like to work a Saturday?? and complaining is an outlet for her,
pathologist gets the brunt of it. 

By discussing how things are done during your routine week with everyone in
agreement, she should cease her gritching about things to the pathologist
on her Saturday.  Your pathologist is tired of hearing it, and if so,
actually could take care of it himself (her?). Pathologists want to read
the stained sections, not worry about embedding, and he can just tell her
to take her complaints to her supervisor, not him/her - a proper chain of

Mainly, everyone does everything the same way, and your pathologist needs
to be part of this agreement - in self defense to end the complaining. This
should go for anything she or anyone else complains about.  

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