Occupational injury?

From:Lesley Weston

This is primarily directed at people who do TEM, though it could well apply
to other histologists and confocal-users as well. For many years I was an EM
(and other kinds of imaging) technician, and a friend of mine still is. In
the last few years we have both developed something that seems like RSI. In
both cases, the disc between cervical vertebrae 5 and 6 is compressed,
causing inflamed tissue to impinge on the nerve. This causes a great deal of
pain in the area around the right scapula and in the right shoulder and arm,
with a focal point at  the top of the forearm.
    Do others on this list have the same problem? If it is common among EM
and microscopy people, and not in the rest of the population, it could be
the result of the stresses involved in sectioning, various kinds of
microscopy, use of computers for graphic work etc., for hours at a time. I
am asking mainly out of curiosity, but if it does turn out to be an
occupational hazard, then people could try to prevent it - it really is
quite unpleasant. Sorry about the cross-posting, but I think the overlap
among the groups is not 100%.

Lesley Weston.

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