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In fact gnat urine shows remarkable consistency worldwide.  The only
exception being Plumbus pendulusi of Prince Edward Island.  This species is
noted for the heavy metal content of it's urine.  One possible explanation
being that it only drinks when the moon shines.

Andy Shand 

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US gnats or British gnats?

Andi Kappeler
Institute of Pathology, University of Bern, Switzerland (ashamed of having
read something that first of all was for UK citizens only, then for some
disobeying Americans - but certainly not for Swiss guys)

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Subject: Canada Balsam - Question for for UK readers only

> 1  Note for US colleagues only. I bet a lot of you opened this just
> because it said UK only!
> 2 Brits.  Where are you getting Canada Balsam - if you still use it?
> The stuff from Fisher is now the colour of tobbaco extract and thinner
> than gnats' urine
> Russ Allison,
> Dental School
> Cardiff
> Wales

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