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From:Susan Bell

Greetings All

I am a fairly new user of the histonet and for the most part find in 
very informative and often entertaining.   However, I'm already 
finding in the short time I've subscribed a lot of redundancy of 
questions.  I think (and this is only my opinion) this might be 
because of the lack of using the subject line to identify the subject 
being addressed.  For example, if at some future date, I were to 
wonder about labeling samples, and remember it was covered at length 
on histonet, I'm unlikely to remember to put "me again" in the search 
subject!  And for reference books (a subject that by the way was 
covered very recently with several recommendations), I'm extremely 
unlikely to try "two questions" for my search subject.  And in the 
event that research & biotech come to a screeching halt and I have to 
start selling (or manufacturing)  moonshine to pay the bills, well, 
maybe I'd search under lead.

The moonshine example actually falls under the entertaining portion I 
guess, as well as interesting facts to toss around.  And I'm getting 
a regular chuckle from the various pathology req's (subject line "me 
again") that have been coming through.  Our email program (Eudora) 
puts chile peppers on email that may contain something offensive and 
lately the histonet "me again" email that have 3 chile peppers (the 
hottest rating) have given me a good laugh.

Thank you to all of you experts out there who so willingly share your 
knowledge and expertise.  I've gotten a lot of useful information to 
use as I get going on histology and IHC.  I have my own "Histonet 
Archives" that I've started of subjects I think I'm likely to find 
useful in the near future.

Here's hoping my email doesn't cause a backlash of attacks asking to 
have me removed from the list!


Susan Bell

P.S.  don't even get me started on the subscribe/unsubscribe topic. 
ie responding to an email with subject line a pertinent topic and 
then typing "unsubscribe" in the body of the email, and then getting 
mad because  they haven't been removed from the list!


Susan Bell
Research Assistant
Targeted Genetics Corporation
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Seattle WA  98101
Phone:  206-521-4830
Fax:  206-223-0288

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