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Spoken from long experience????
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Stuff for human consumption should not contain any heavy metals.  Heavy metal sulfides are insoluble.
Thus, adding a drop of ammonium sulfide to the moonshine should not cause a precipitate.
A black precipitate indicates the presence of a heavy metal, probably lead.
If adding a drop of potassium dichromate solution to the moonshine gives a yellow precipitate, that is further evidence of the probable presence of lead.
If adding a drop of ammonium (or sodium) sulfate to the moonshine gives a white precipitate, that is further evidence of the probable presence of lead.
  If the sulfate precipitate can be redissolved in acetic acid, you have lead!
  [o.t.: Much of the flavor of good whiskey comes from the wood it is aged in, thus moonshine is seldom worth drinking.]

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A question for anyone with a background in chemistry/toxicology.  Does anyone know of a way (perferably simple) to test for lead in moonshine?  It seems one of our maintenance men has obtained some and is concerned that an old car radiator was used to condense the stuff.  Growing up in the hills of West Virginia, I know this happens so I guess it's a resonable concern.

David Pizi

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