David R. Knibbs, Ph.D./Electron Microscopy

From:Richard Cartun

It is with great sadness that I announce the untimely death of my friend
and colleague, David R. Knibbs, Ph.D.  He collapsed and died after an
evening run (one of his joys in life) on Monday, August 5th.  David (49
years old) was our Director of Electron Microscopy and worked with me
very closely here at Hartford Hospital.  Like me, David completed his
Ph.D. studies in Pathobiology at the University of Connecticut.  We will
miss him enormously.

Now, we must begin our search for a replacement (I'm not sure that is
the right word since I don't believe David will ever be replaced) and I
must turn to the Histonet for help.  We feel it is imperative to
maintain our quality EM service here at our hospital, but realize that
finding a qualified director who will also be called upon to do all the
technical work (David was a "one man show") will be most difficult. 
Please contact me if you have any suggestions or recommendations.  Thank

Richard Cartun, Ph.D.
Director, Immunopathology
Co-Director, Histology
Hartford Hospital

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