1) Karnovsky Fix 2) Michel's \"Fixative\"

From:marjorie lehman

Hi Netters,
2 questions:
I will be receiving tissue from another lab, some of which will be fixed in
Karnovsky. (My EM people want paraffin embedded tissue and EM tissue from the
same sample), so:
1a) Because of the gluteraldehye content of the fix will I need to re-work my
Abs dilutions ? 
1b) All the Abs I will be using require enzyme or HIER for FFPE tissue, so will
I need to extend times?
2a) I think I read that tissue for EM cannot be transported in Michel's. Is
that correct?
2b) I have never used Michel's, so suggested times and solutions for rinsing
before fixing/freezing would be appreciated.

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