microglial protocol?

From:Jan Bauer

Dear Janet,

As far as I am aware there are no specific immunostainings for "resting microglia", at least not working on paraffin. In the rat you can stain microglia on cryostate sections with OX-42 (complement receptor 3). In pathological situations the microglia start upregulation a number of antigens with which they than can be recognised. These include for rat: ED1 (lysosomal marker), OX-6 (MHC class II), both working on paraffin after heat-induced antigen retrieval. Another way which you can use are histochemical stainings with lectins. In the rat this would be Griffonia simlicifolia isolectin-B4 (can be bought by Sigma). In the cat I do not know, possibly the same. The lectin staining also works on paraffin and stains all microglial cells (also the resting).

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