Tissue Tek alternative

From:Mark Elliott

Marc Kropholler from Amsterdam was asking about alternatives to Tissue
Tek. We use a compound from Shandon called CryoMatrix which is basically
the same as Tissue Tek, however it is much cheaper and you can get it in
a gallon size container.  We use it for inflating and freezing human
lungs and doesn't appear any different then Tissue Tek.  You can also
buy it in different colours then clear, and the colours don't interfere
with any subsequent techniques you may use the tissue for.  The info
from the bottle is  Cryomatrix TM, Cat. # 9990431. SHandon, Pittsburgh
PA 15275.  Phone Toll free 1-800-547-7429.

Mark Elliott, PhD
Research Associate
UBC-McDonald Research Lab
St. Paul's Hospital
1081 Burrard St

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