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From:Amos Brooks

    I'll have to concur with Nick's suggestion about drying the slides in an
oven. It really speeds things up a lot. Of course I have also noticed it
tends to allow air bubbles to form a bit more readily than if they dried at
room temperature. This can be prevented by making sure there is always
enough mounting media on the slide.
    Here's another suggestion, Next time they complain about that mount
about 10 slides together and keep it around to hand to the doctor. Tell
him/her the case they want is somewhere in the middle. That seems to display
the point nicely.
Amos Brooks

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Subject: drying slides

> My pathologists are complaining about the length of time it takes our
> to dry before filing.  This creates several stacks of slide folders in my
> office until they are filed.   We do not file them until 2-3 weeks after
> coverslipping to ensure they do not stick together in the slide file.
> use a permount type media with our xylene substitute.   The substitute we
> use is XS xylene substitute with the permount being, Histo Mount T.    Any
> ideas, suggestions???
> Please Help!!!!
> Thanks,
> Hazel

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