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From:Gayle Callis

>You did no specify if you want a black product rather than brown DAB or to
make the DAB stand out more.  
>There are several ways to do this,  
>You can use DAKO DAB+ (yes, it works with other than their LSAB kits) and
their DAB enhancer.  This makes the DAB a much darker brown, ie brownish
>VECTOR laboratories now has an equivalent product, their DAB kit and a DAB
enhancer kit giving the same results as DAKO, color is deepened.  Go to
their website and read specifications on this product.  
>Rationale, to add a bit more sensitivity to weaker staining antibodies,
and it works well. We have used the DAKO DAB+/DAB enhancer with great
>If you are just looking for DAB to be black, VECTOR has this in their kits
already, a heavy metal reagent that turns DAB from brown to black, and is
>Pierce has an enhanced DAB kit (very nice two component kit) where the DAB
is always black, very clean, excellent.  
>Zymed has similar products. 
>At 11:31 PM 8/6/02 -0400, you wrote:
>>I'm looking for a method for Dab enhancemnt. Anybody have a method? TIA
>>Violetta Martinez, MLT
>>Pathology, LHSC
>>London, Ontario
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