Re: cryosectioning

From:Mary-Ann S Crissey

    Although, I use a sliding microtome and 40 um sections, the one time
this happened to my brain sections, it appeared to be due to a change in
the knife angle.  When I went back to the original knife angle setting, my
sections did not roll up.  Just an idea for something different to try.

Kathleen Spencer wrote:

> Does anyone know what to do if your floating sections are curling up in
> tight little cigar rolls in  the PBS? I cut 25 micron sections on a
> cryostat with a steel knife and a roll bar. They are nice and flat when
> I place them in the wells of PBS , but when I get ready to do IHC a few
> days later, many of them are curled up so tight they are useless.
> Any suggestions?
> Kathleen Spencer

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