Re: celloidin and tungsten carbide knives


tried it, but on my microtome the blade holder did not seem to hold the
blades well enough to keep it from chattering when hitting the much harder
celloidin, i think it was more a problem with the strength of the holder
than the blade itself.  for plastic or celloidin microtomy in my hands
disposable blade systems have not been satisfactory, i use 6 in. tungsten
carbide blades that are resharpened.
patsy ruegg

Karen Pawlowski wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I was wondering if anyone out there has ever attempted to cut celloidin
> embedded material using disposable tungsten carbide knives. Do the
> knives cut well.  Do they hold up well?
> Thanks in advance for your responses.
> Karen Pawlowski, Ph.D.
> Research Scientist
> University of Texas at Dallas

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