Re: Trichome Stain for registery

From:Rena Fail

   This past year I have shown 5 different people the same trichrome
procedure. 2 of the 5 get it perfect every time following the directions,
one never learned to follow the procedure, one recently learned that
changing his working solutions weekly and following the procedures will
usully yield consistent results, for the 5th, I had to adjust the rinses
after Aniline blue because she was washing out the aniline blue. start by
having your tech make ALL the solutions fresh and start over. I am not
suggesting you do it for him but giving him several different kinds of
tissue just to practice with might prove useful. He can work out his
technique before staining his registry tissue. Watching him might be useful.
One person's wash is another person's quick rinse.What are the directions
and how is he interpreting them.  Good Luck

Rena Fail
Medical University of South Carolina

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From: "Sharon E Willman" 
Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 8:49 AM
Subject: Trichome Stain for registery

> Hi,
> We have someone taking the registry and they are having trouble
> getting it the way it should be.  It seems it is really staining
> a dark blue.  Any suggestions?  He is trying different times, but
> it is still not doing what it should.  Any help would be most
> appreciated..
> Thanks,
> Sharon

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