From:Cathy Gorrie

At 1:17 PM -0400 7/8/02, wrote:
Dear All:  Just would to point out that your SSN is required for the following in your every day life:  phone bills, electric bills, gas bills, any kind of credit card to include department stores, Visa, etc, just about any account you may have at a bank, savings loan, credit union, any transactions online involving money, things like internet providers as AOL, etc.  Why would one less thing like NSH make any possible difference? Has President Bush ever considered that almost everything in your life depends on the SSN? Just my thoughts on the subject. 
Tom Kuwahara

I missed the original question. Something related to NSH and SSN I presume.

WoW! There seem to be some serious personal privacy issues going on with this SSN! What do you you if you haven't got one? I'm sure President Bush and others have considered very carefully all the ramifications of this system. It seems like a very good method of control.

I don't know what NSH stands for though.

Cheers, Cath

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