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Also, when you apply for a job, you can just put "will supply upon 
hire" in the SSN blank on the job application.

At 1:17 PM -0600 8/7/02, Gayle Callis wrote:
>This is true to some extent.  You can refuse to open up store accounts
>using a SSN, and I have done it - they provided a number instead.  If they
>refuse to do it, I dig in my heels and say I will NOT provide SSN.  A cell
>phone provider ran into this objection, and I still have a cell phone from
>As for banks, mine recommended removing SSN, drivers license #, and phone#
>from personal checks - business cashiers have to write a state assigned
>gobblydegook drivers license# (SSN no longer used here) or phone # in their
>own handwriting on the check in front of me.  Banks/savings and loan,
>probably investment operations need SSN for tax purposes, but isn't this a
>govt requirement to prevent dodging April 15th income reporting!!
>Nordstroms is not making money for me - I'm paying them and my SSN is not
>needed for that. 
>Any change is going to take time, but it has to start somewhere. What if
>someone refuses to give their SSN to NSH, then NSH WILL have to come up
>with a solution - a membership number is like our state drivers license
>number, gobblydegook, an account number.  Why not change and provide
>members a favor - comply with privcy wishes. 
>I don't think NSH should be singled out BUT it does need to change, refusal
>by members is the first step, it shows your objection to privacy invasion
>and potential fraud.
>Just my thoughts - getting mean in my old age -
>Dear All:  Just would to point out that your SSN is required for the
>following in your every day life:  phone bills, electric bills, gas bills,
>any kind of credit card to include department stores, Visa, etc, just about
>any account you may have at a bank, savings loan, credit union, any
>transactions online involving money, things like internet providers as AOL,
>etc.  Why would one less thing like NSH make any possible difference? Has
>President Bush ever considered that almost everything in your life depends
>on the SSN? Just my thoughts on the subject. 
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