From:Gayle Callis

This is true to some extent.  You can refuse to open up store accounts
using a SSN, and I have done it - they provided a number instead.  If they
refuse to do it, I dig in my heels and say I will NOT provide SSN.  A cell
phone provider ran into this objection, and I still have a cell phone from

As for banks, mine recommended removing SSN, drivers license #, and phone#
from personal checks - business cashiers have to write a state assigned
gobblydegook drivers license# (SSN no longer used here) or phone # in their
own handwriting on the check in front of me.  Banks/savings and loan,
probably investment operations need SSN for tax purposes, but isn't this a
govt requirement to prevent dodging April 15th income reporting!!
Nordstroms is not making money for me - I'm paying them and my SSN is not
needed for that.  

Any change is going to take time, but it has to start somewhere. What if
someone refuses to give their SSN to NSH, then NSH WILL have to come up
with a solution - a membership number is like our state drivers license
number, gobblydegook, an account number.  Why not change and provide
members a favor - comply with privcy wishes.  

I don't think NSH should be singled out BUT it does need to change, refusal
by members is the first step, it shows your objection to privacy invasion
and potential fraud. 

Just my thoughts - getting mean in my old age -

Dear All:  Just would to point out that your SSN is required for the
following in your every day life:  phone bills, electric bills, gas bills,
any kind of credit card to include department stores, Visa, etc, just about
any account you may have at a bank, savings loan, credit union, any
transactions online involving money, things like internet providers as AOL,
etc.  Why would one less thing like NSH make any possible difference? Has
President Bush ever considered that almost everything in your life depends
on the SSN? Just my thoughts on the subject.  
Tom Kuwahara 
Gayle Callis
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